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A Superb Fruit Renders a Superb Wine

Alexander Valley wines have received world-wide critical acclaim due to its unique location and alluvial soil. With a long viticulture history dating from 1843, the Valley extends from the Russian River to the Mayacamas Mountains. Its fertile “chalky” white soil composed of volcanic ash combined with its relatively warm climate yield exceptional grapes and exceptional wines.

Father’s Day Is Almost Here

Your friendly proprietors are both fathers. We love fatherhood and, of course, we think we are awesome. This is our day and because of that we have put together two super special gift boxes to celebrate this grand occasion. Special Note: You don’t necessarily have to gift these to your fathers, although we are sure by doing so it would put a little pep in their step. Gift one to yourself if you want!

– Charlie and Blair Martin (Happy, Wine Loving, Dads)



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